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The Library Collection and National Competition Winning images Tobacco Warehouse 8 (12)

Comments:  Will be display in the Syosset Long Island ,New York Library. Aug 3-31 2009 The Tobacco Warehouse, originally built by the Lorillard family, sits on the upland of Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, just north of the Brooklyn Bridge, and just south of the Empire Stores. Together, these landmark 19th century warehouses are vivid reminders of the shipping activity that once defined the downtown Brooklyn waterfront. Constructed in the 1870s as a tobacco customs inspection center, and saved from demolition in 1998, the roofless rooms of the Tobacco Warehouse provide one of the most compelling public spaces in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation repaired and stabilized the Warehouse in 2002.

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