Visions Photography by LisaMarie
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The Library Collection and National Competition Winning images Land and Sea as One

Comments:  Will be on Display this coming Fall, in New York City, Location will listed soon. Thank You... LisaMarie Castranuovo Dedicated to my Mother, for the warm and calming effect it creates on one vision. Land and Sea as One. California coast Tide Pools - Limited Print There are few pleasures in this life more exquisite than walking a quiet beach at sunrise or sunset. To be on the rocky beach along the west coast to witness the low tide. The many rocks that dot the beach and surf here become exposed as the tide ebbs. The cracks, ledges, and depressions that remain moist or partially filled with sea water are called "tidal pools" or "intertidal areas". Here, beachcombers may view a beautiful profusion of sea life. This was a journey of my life time so far! Amazing!

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