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The Ghost Town at Pleasure Beach A Forgotten coast town (2)

Comments:  Pleasure Beach -- a beautiful 63 acre oasis that is historically part of the glory of Bridgeport, CT. Older residents will tell you of the wonderful experiences and memories ... the beach, carousel, roller coaster, midway, funhouse. After the passing of Pleasure Beach as an amusement park, people still came to fish, swim or lie on the beach, go for a stroll or attend a play at the Polka Dot Playhouse. If you have never been to Pleasure beach, it is difficult to imagine how beautiful and a wonderful experience Pleasure Beach could be. From 1892 until 1958, it was home to a popular amusement park of the same name. From 1904 to 1919, it was called "Steeplechase Island." The amusement park was accessible primarily by ferry service and a wooden swing bridge built in 1919 to carry automobiles and pedestrians. Remaining structures from the amusement park are the carousel, dodge-'em car enclosure, and beer garden (the latter was substantially altered for use as a summer theater in the 1960s). After a portion of the bridge burned in 1996, Pleasure Beach was cut off and became accessible only by a lengthy trek along the shoreline, or by small private boats from the mainland. This has severely limited access and allowed nature to be undisturbed. Pleasure beach was a thriving seaside community until 1996 when its only connection to the mainland a wooden bridge burnt down. All property owners were forced to leave the island/peninsula and all of their property their because of the fact that the fire department would not be able to access the community in case of an emergency. The island/peninsula is currently accessible by boat and at low tide by foot.

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